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Hi there!  We’re John & Jerry.  Two life-long friends who like to talk about things.  So John had this domain “” for years. In fact, was once the number one sales portal for Talk America phone service.  A few years ago, John let the site die and tried to sell the domain name but it didn’t sell.  So recently, we decided to bring it back to life as a blog and we’re going to discuss whatever’s on our mind and/or yours. In full disclosure, we hope to make some money on this site too. Any product reviews will have affiliate links and you might eventually see a few ads here and there. Heck, if you just wanna give us money, we have no problem with that either!

So… here we are, no longer selling phone service, but a blog about things we know a lot about (or not).  Want to suggest a topic? Use the form below to suggest a topic and go talk America!

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Gun Death Stats Can Be Misleading

Gun Death Stats Debated After Las Vegas Tragedy With gun death stats being hotly debated, I will try to stay neutral on the whole gun control debate that has popped up following the recent Las Vegas tragedy.  My heart grieves for the people who were killed and those...

What happened to Talk America phone service?

It's really true that this site was the number one selling agent for Talk America Phone company back in 2002. We basically taught the company how to sell their phone service to customers online.  Since that time, I often get asked the question what ever happened to...

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