Mohu Leaf 30 vs 50

If you are looking for the best HD TV antenna to maximize value and performance, we think the two best out there are the Mohu Leaf 30 and the Mohu Leaf 50.  If you are looking for an indoor antenna, you have probably cut the cord to cable tv.  The goal of cutting the cord to cable is to save money!  But you don’t want to cut so deep that you can’t watch the programs you want.  You can get thousands of tv programs, movies and original programs from streaming services like Hulu or Netflix.  But what about getting the local weather?  How can you watch the latest reality tv show?  Luckily, there is a very simple, effective and inexpensive answer:  Purchase an indoor antenna.  We are not talking about the old-fashioned kind where you have to climb on the roof to adjust them after a windstorm, and we’re not talking about the old-fashioned “bunny ears” that you see on top of television sets in old movies (or maybe in your memory if you our age!). There have been amazing advancements in antenna technology over the last few decades, and we, the modern consumer, are enjoying the benefit of all of that research! There are many styles of antenna on the market right now, and choosing one can be more than a little overwhelming, but never fear, John and Jerry are here! We have done all of the exhausting research for you. We have even conducted field tests, and the results are in: we have narrowed the field down to just two choices. Now it’s a simple matter  of you choosing between two models: the Mohu Leaf 30 vs Mohu Leaf 50.

Fun fact: Mohu has some of the best technology out there, which is based on technology developed for the U.S. Army.

Similarities and Differences: Mohu Leaf 30 vs 50

Both models are easy to install, are flat, and come in white. When I say flat, let me tell you, it is like a couple of sheets of paper put together. We couldn’t believe how thin both the Mohu Leaf 30 and Mohu Leaf 50 are.  They are so thin and light that they actually have two small push pins in the package.  The push pins can be used to attach this super light, super effective antenna to the wall. When we installed ours, we just pushed the pins through the tiny holes in the antenna made just for that purpose, and pushed the pins into the drywall behind our television. You can even paint the antenna to match your room and have them blend into the decor. Both the Mohu 30 and 50 models are multi-directional, so you don’t have to worry about aiming the antenna to get the best signal.  Both models also give you 100% free access to many tv networks, including ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, PBS and many others.

There is about a $30.00 difference between the two models.  The Mohu Leaf 30 is about $39.99, and the Leaf 50 is about $59.99.  Both models come with coaxial cord to connect the antenna to the back of your TV. The Leaf 30 gives you 10 feet, the Leaf 50 gives you 16 feet of coaxial cable. Besides price and cable length, the biggest differences is the number of channels you can potentially pick up with each antenna.  The Leaf 30 has about a 30 mile range, and the Leaf 50 about a 50 mile range.

Mohu Leaf 30 vs 50:  How do you choose?

So how do you choose between the Leaf 30 and Leaf 50?  We suggest that you take a look on how many channels, and which channels, are within 30 to 50 miles of your home.  As luck would have it, determining how many channels you can get within 30-50 miles of your home address is actually very simple.  The easiest way (and we like the easiest way!) is to go to Scroll down on the homepage until you see on the left hand side “Not sure which antenna is right?” then click on the link below that sentence that says “See channels in your area”.

Just put in your zip code, street, city and state, and submit.  Instantly you will get a list of how many channels you can get for each of the Mohu antennas.  For example, the good news is that according to the website we can receive 48 channels with the Mohu Leaf 30, and 55 channels with the Mohu Leaf 50 in our area.  The channel lists are essentially the same.  The great  news is that the website was wrong. We installed our Mohu Leaf in our house and plugged it in, we actually picked up 68 different channels!

The only other slight advantage that the Mohu  Leaf 50 over the Mohu Leaf 30 is something called “CleanPeak” filter technology. This filter removes unwanted radio frequencies and boosts the frequencies that you want.  We tried both antenna out, and the MOhu Leaf 50 did pick up many more channels than the Mohu Leaf 30, but we did not really see a difference in the quality of picture.  So, this may be worth the extra $30.00 to you to invest in the Mohu Leaf 50 to get extra channels, but we our studies showed that both antennas have excellent reception.


In addition to the modern look of the Mohu Leaf 30 and 50, one thing that really sold us was the ease of installation. It’s kind of like the metaphor that you don’t have to know how a car actually works to drive one: We have no idea how all of this power got into this small, super-thin square of plastic, but we gotta tell you, it is easy to install and works like a charm!

When you open up the box, you will find the antenna, which is a white square with rounded edges about 10 inches long on each side. Under that is a 10 foot long (Mohu Leaf 30) or a 16 foot long (Mohu Leaf 50) cable. Inside the cable packet is a small plastic bag with a couple of black push pins and a couple of white push pins, along with some velcro tabs. The last bag contains a power cord and a USB cord. To install, all we had to do was plug one end of the cable into the back of our television where the cable tv box used to plug in. We screwed the other end of the cable into the antenna. The USB powers the antenna, with one end in the antenna and the other end into the USB port in the back of the television. If your television does not have a USB, no worries, there is another cable that has a regular plug attached so you can power the antenna through a regular household electrical plug. Then we used the push pins to attach the antenna to the wall behind the television, and that was it! One cord for power, one to go from the antenna to the television, and it is installed! The last step is to go to your television set up menu and have the television search for all of the channels that are now yours to watch!

The total time it took us to install, from the time we got the box off of our front porch, opened the box, read the instructions, installed and had our television search for channels was around 15 minutes. That’s it!
One last tip: Now that we have had the Mohu Leaf 50 (yes, we sprung for the extra $30.00 so we could get some more sports channels!), we took some time on a weekend and went through all of the channels and made our own television guide. For example, on our television, channel 7 shows up as 7.1, and another channel might show up as 7.2. Easy to navigate, but we made a little cheat sheet of our most-watched channels so we can easily surf over to them anytime we want.

Good luck with your decision. We are confident that you will be happy with either of these two options.