Hello there Curious Consumer..let’s discuss Kodi HDHomerun Combo!  John and Jerry here with another great idea for you to SAVE MONEY and get ALL THE TV YOU WANT!  Sorry for shouting, that just seemed appropriate because we’re SO EXCITED! We cut the cord to cable! We were enjoying ourselves immensely when we realized, uh oh, we can’t get local weather, news, our favorite sitcoms as they air each week, and local, live sports?  Fuh getta bout it!

Maybe  you’re in the same boat.  Perhaps you started looking at options to get over the air channels, and got overwhelmed at the crazy jungle of jargon, the chancy choices, the daring deals. What’s a curious consumer to do?  Well, don’t worry, John and Jerry are here! We have sorted through the quagmire, we have researched and field-tested the many options you have–that’s right–there are MANY options for you to get local broadcast over-the-air channels!

First, we will tell you about two of our favorite ways to get over-the-air channels:  getting an indoor HD antenna, or getting a Smart TV. After that, we will tell you about an emerging technology to get OTA channels using something called a network tuner, and the power of the Kodi HDHomerun combo.  First, two of our favorite options:

Are there other options besides using a network tuner?

Yes, there are several ways to get Over The Air (OTA) channels.  One of our favorite ways to get OTA tv channels is getting an indoor antenna such as the Mohu Leaf 30 or Mohu Leaf 50.  Inexpensive, easy to install and powerful.

Another way is to get a Smart TV that already has apps loaded onto it when you purchase it that can locate and stream local channels.  When looking to purchase a Smart TV, it seems like there are are a million choices out there. We are on top of it and want to help you, so we looked at hundreds of makes and models, and have narrowed down our recommendation to just one tv.  We based our recommendation on price, ease of use and quality of picture. We like nice size tvs, but not huge, so as of this writing, our best recommendation is the Samsung 55NU7100. For the price (just under $600) you get a 55 inch TV with all of the streaming apps you will need and an excellent 4K UHD (Ultra-High-Definition) picture, all for a relatively low price. Since this TV has apps already downloaded for you to use that will get OTA channels, there is no need for a streaming device and a network tuner.  Just plug it in and use the apps already preloaded (as long as you have internet!).

The power of the Kodi HDHomerun Combo:  Using a network tuner to get local channels

If you want something else besides an indoor antenna or a Smart TV, another way that is becoming more and more popular as a way to get OTA channels is using something called a network tuner. These devices are small, unassuming boxes that connect to your tv and to your local network, and find OTA channels that you can stream to your smart tv, your streaming device or even your smartphone.

Besides a network tuner, what equipment do I need to watch local channels?

If you decide to go with this option, you will need four pieces of equipment, most of which you probably already have.   Here’s what you need to watch local channels:

  • A television
  • An internet connection
  • A network tuner
  • A streaming device like a Roku, Fire TV, Nvidia or similar device. Our personal favorite

The one thing you probably don’t have is a network tuner.  These are relatively inexpensive and of course, we have a recommendation for you for the best ones out there.

How does the network tuner work?

How the process works is the network tuner (one of the HD HomeRun tuners is what we recommend), will use your internet to check for channels, the deliver them to your tv by using the streaming device (Like Roku, Fire Tv, or even your Ipad.).  Sounds simple? It is!

When it comes to network tuners, there aren’t that many out there, but the ones that came out the best in our analysis were the made by a company called Silicon Dust.  Their HD HomeRun devices are really the best and most widely available.

There are a several  HD HomeRun devices. We are going to recommend only two. They vary in price mainly because of how many channels you can watch or record.  With the first one, the HD HomeRun Quatro, you can watch or record up to 4 channels at the same time for about $150.00. You can be watching one channel, and recording up to 3 others at the same time!

SiliconDust HDHR5-4US HDHomeRun Connect Quatro 4-Tuner Live TV

The HomeRun Connect Duo is basically the same product, except it’s $50 cheaper at around $100.00, but it can only watch or record 2 channels.  John and Jerry are big tv program recording dudes, so we went with this one.

To each his own!

As far as what kind of streaming box you would need, the Amazon Firestick that John and Jerry are currently using unfortunately doesn’t support the HD HomeRun app download.   The HD HomeRun app can be run on any Windows or Mac computer, any Android device, including phones, tables, even Kindle Fire. As mentioned, the Fire TV and Nvidia Shield also are compatible with the HomeRun app.

How do I install the HDHomerun App?

If you are using a Fire TV, installing the HDHomerun app is as simple as going to the Amazon app store and downloading.  If you are installing on an Apple device, the HDHomerun app is easily installed from the Apple app store. For any other device, you can go to the Silcon Dust homepage at Silcondust.com to download.  Make sure to type in HDHomerun. If you just type in homerun, you’ll get a bunch of baseball apps!

It’s that simple!  Good luck, and enjoy your new OTA channels!