The Amazon Fire Stick is a media streaming device that connects to your television and allows you access to subscription streaming services as well as lots of free content.  So, what is jail breaking a Fire Stick, and why would anyone want to do it? Jail breaking is simply installing third party apps not originally loaded on your device that allow you access to more content.  Jail breaking is also called side-loading and unlocking a device. They all mean the same thing.  Some people want to install Kodi on their Fire Stick because it greatly increases the amount and variety of media that you can access.  So how do you jailbreak the Fire Stick 2017?


The most popular third-party app that is loaded onto an Amazon Firestick is something called Kodi.  Kodi was originally created for the X Box, which is why if you are searching for options for cutting the cable cord, you sometimes will see things like Firestick and Kodi, and once in while XBMC, which stands for X Box Media Center. It used to just work through X Box, but now called Kodi, and can work through any television.

Once you have purchased an Amazon FireStick, you can have Kodi downloaded in the steps listed below.  If you are scared to death of this kind of stuff, have heart!  There are a finite number of steps, and it is fairly self-explanatory, but if you still have doubts, there are dozens of You Tube videos that show you step by step with screen shots how to do this.  One of my favorites is

“How to Install Kodi 17 NEW UPDATE for New Amazon Firestick 2017 Step by Step”

Is it legal?

Before we begin, let’s answer this question. Is it legal to download Kodi to your Fire Stick?  Unequivocally—yes.  However…Once you have Kodi, you have many apps you will have the option to download.  Some of these apps give you access to illegal content.  That part is not legal, and never will be, and is not in any way recommended.

Follow These Steps to “Jailbreak Firestick 2017”

  • Plugin your Fire Stick and log into your Amazon Account.
  • This will bring you to your main page. On the very top it says “Settings”. Click on Settings.
  • Notifications, network. Etc. scroll to the right until you find “Devices”. Click on “Devices”
  • Navigate to “Developer options”. Select.
  • Using the middle button on the remote, Turn on:
    • ADB debugging
    • Apps from unknown source
  • Once they are turned on, click on the back button on the remote, then scroll left until you get to “Applications”. Click on “Applications
  • Turn “Collect App Usage Data” off using the middle button on your remote
  • Click on back button until you get to the home screen.
  • Click on the magnifying glass in the upper left hand corner.  An alphabet keyboard will appear. Using your remote to navigate, Type in ES.  Below, one of the options that will appear is “ES explore:
  • Click on that, and a screen called ES File Explorer will come up. Underneath that is a box with the title “Apps and Games”.  Click on that.
  • A new screen will appear.  Click on the download button. Have a credit card handy to have on file so you can download this file.  The app itself is free.
  • When it’s downloaded, click on open. Using the buttons on your remote, navigate over to the “New” button
  • On the line that says “path”, type:
    • click ok
    • click download
    • click down the page until you find the Android icon, and click on ARM
    • click down until you are at the bottom right hand side of the screen. Click on “more”
  • Another menu will appear. Click down until you see “Open in bro”
  • A screen will appear with the question “Open with dS downloader” select “Just Once” It will begin to download.
  • Open file.  The “Properties’ menu comes up. Click on “Install”
  • On the next page, navigate all the way to the bottom of the page and click Install
  • At the bottom of the page, click on Open

Now you have Kodi installed on your Amazon Firestick!