Gun Death Stats Debated After Las Vegas Tragedy

With gun death stats being hotly debated, I will try to stay neutral on the whole gun control debate that has popped up following the recent Las Vegas tragedy.  My heart grieves for the people who were killed and those who had to witness this atrocity. I can only image that their lives are forever changed.  I was however, quite surprised at how quickly the politicians (from either side of the isle) started to politicize this horrific even to further their own agenda.

After taking in some of the rhetoric, I began to think about which side of this whole gun control issue has the most valid arguments.  I mean after all, there is no clear cut answer to the problem.  What I came away with is just how misleading gun death stats can be. The statistics are quite shocking, but a deeper look into these gun death stats bring some interesting data to light.

Tens of thousands of people die of gun inflicted injuries each year in the US.  That’s a fact and no matter how you look at it, it’s an awful truth.  But did you know that two thirds of those deaths are suicides?  Two thirds is a huge number to me, and I was very surprised to learn that.  Then we have around 2% of gun deaths falling into the category of accidental or undetermined intent.  That leaves around one third of gun deaths in the category of homicide.

Gun Death Stats for US 2013


So what does all this mean?  I’m not exactly sure, I just know that this break down of the statistic makes me realize that there are a whole lot of hurting and mental ill people out there. It seems to me that until we can find a way to treat the root of the problem, people will continue killing themselves and others with or without guns.