Ever notice how when you walk down the isle for razors at the corner drug store, it feels like you’re entering a rough neighborhood.  Bars on the windows and doors, extra security cams, the whole works.  Well that’s because razors are dang expensive!  Recently we’ve seen an influx of prescription model programs popping up like Harry’s, Dollar Shave Club, even Gillette has jumped into the ring.  John’s been a member of DSC for over a year so we deceided to offer some Dollar Shave Club reviews along with some other product comparisons.

When John joined Dollar Shave Club, he did it to study their exemplary marketing strategy.  He was designing a website for a client who wanted him to look at it as a model.  So as we do our Dollar Shave Club reviews, keep in mind that DSC is  the only razor blade subscription service either of us has ever had and John loves it!  Jerry, well he only actually shaves twice a year so he doesn’t really need it.


First we will look at value.  With Dollar Shave Club, you can get in as low as $3 per month which includes shipping.  That gets you a razor handle and four of their humble twin blades shipped every month.  There is no better value in this space period!  That being said, the humble twin isn’t a good fit for everyone. DSC also offers two other blades, the 4X (4 blade) and the Executive (6 blade) .  At just 60 cents a piece though and a free handle to boot, our Dollar Shave Club reviews crowns the humble twin as best value all the way.

Gillette shave club (now called Gillette On Demand) offers a 3-blade disposable razor subscription at $11/mo for 8 razors.  Not bad, but still not quite the value of DSC.

Harry’s offers nothing comparable in price.


Next we look at quality.  This is where our Dollar Shave Club reviews take a turn.  You see, while DSC is great on value, we find that the quality may not be up to snuff with some of the competition.   For example, Harry’s entire model is based on quality peception.  THey don’t even try to compete in the “cheap razor” space. The reviews we’ve read would support the idea that Harry’s does indeed offer a high quality razor.  When it comes to closeness of shave however, the Dollar Shave Club Executive may still have the edge (pun intended).  See Consumer Reports.

Our Recommendation

So after looking at Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s, and Gillette On Demand, our recommendation is:

Looking for Value: If the most important factor in your decision would be expense, we recommend Dollar Shave Club Humble Twin

Looking for Quality: If the most important factor in your decision is quality (the way the razor looks and feels in your hand), we recommend Harry’s

Looking for Closest Shave: If the most important factor for you is closeness of shave, we recommend Dollar Shave Club Executive.