Didn’t television used to be free?  Now I pay more for my cable bill each month than my car payment, and the payment plan will never end! I assume you’re reading this article because you are fed up with the high price of cable tv, and are looking for alternatives. You have come to the right place. There are many options if you are ready to cut the cable and stop paying those outrageous prices.

One of the most popular options is the Amazon Firestick Kodi combination (buy an Amazon Firestick and then install Kodi on it). This is a lot of jargon in one sentence. Let’s break it down

What is a Firestick?

The Amazon Firestick is a streaming media device created by Amazon that, when hooked up to your television, allows you to stream tv shows and movies.  It looks like a pregnant USB flashdrive and comes with a remote control.  There is also Fire TV, which does the same thing as the Firestick.  It is a larger rectangular box that has more processing power than the Firestick, and has expandable storage.  You can expand the storage of the FireTV device by using a micro sd card or a USB thumb drive.  Even though there are some advantages to the Fire TV, if you are cutting the cord to cable, I recommend the Firestick.  It is less expensive, easier to conceal, and with Kodi installed (Amazon Firestick Kodi combination), is a better option.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is software that connects allows you to stream any kind of media you can imagine.  Kodi itself doesn’t provide media, but once you install Kodi, you can then download add ons that allow you to stream everything from tv shows, to music to games to weather updates! Installing kodi on a firestick is what we call the Amazon Firestick Kodi combination.

Why would you want to add kodi to firestick?

The reason that the Amazon Firestick Kodi combination is so powerful is because of the Kodi add ons.   Not only are many of them free, and give you access to free content, but you can easily run subscription streaming options such as Netflix, hulu and others through Kodi.

There are dozens of add ons for every category, including video, audio, games, etc. Check out our recent blog that will help you navigate these dense waters

What is jailbreaking, and can I do it to save some money?

Jailbreaking is industry jargon for having illegal add ons that stream pirated content.  It may sound tempting to download an add on that gives you Netflix for free, but don’t.  It looks free, but somewhere, someone is breaking the law.  The Amazon Firestick Kodi combination is perfectly legal, as long as you are viewing content you are legally entitled to.