Top 3 things you need to know before cutting the cord to cable.

Here are the top 3 things you need to know before cutting the cord to cable.  Hello again! John and Jerry here. We are two lifelong friends with a long history of being cheap, loving our leisure time and looking for answers.   If you are reading this article, you might be just thinking about cutting the cord to cable tv.  You might be filled with questions such as:  “How much money we would save?” and  “Would it be worth all of the hassle?”  When we were first considering cutting the cord to cable, we have to admit, we were a bit overwhelmed.  Just the jargon was a lot to take in.  What was the difference between a Kodi and a Firestick, and why would have to jailbreak into one?  John was fine with all of that jargon.  He ate it up. He is a tech wizard.  Jerry, not so much.  Kodi sounds like the name a yuppy would give their kid, and Firestick?  Well, let’s just delicately say that way I may have gone to the clinic at college once complaining of that condition.

Well, we are happy to say that we finally did it, we cut the cord to cable!  For many months now, we have been absolutely enjoying a huge savings on our monthly bill (we’ll tell you exactly how much shortly), and have not missed cable in the slightest. So, in short, was it worth it?  Absolutely!  Here’s what we did, and how we did it:

#1 thing to do before cutting the cord to cable:  Try it out first!

The first thing you need to know before cutting the cord to cable is that you can try it out without cutting the cord!  We did not want to jump in with both feet and get in over our heads, and didn’t want to do something drastic like get rid of our cable and find out we made the wrong decision.  So, we got a Firestick (actually, we had a friend who bought one and didn’t know what to do with it, so he gave to me.  Remember, we were all about saving money so….Bonus!). We plugged it into the USB connector in the back of our tv and started playing around with it. We did this while we still had regular cable.  After a while, we did the jailbreaking thing you hear about–it is not a big deal, it just gives you access to more apps, programs and games through the Firestick.  For more information, read our article on installing the Amazon Firestick.


#2 The second thing to do before cutting the cord to cable.  Do a little research!

The second thing you need to know before cutting the cord to cable is that you might have to do a little research, but it’s really not too bad. At first, we kept our cable subscription while we were trying out the Amazon Firestick.  After a couple of weeks,  we were pretty comfortable with how the Amazon Firestick worked, called the cable company just to see what kind of deal we could get.  We have always heard that if you threaten to leave, they’ll give you a great deal. Our latest cable bill was $220.00.  That was without any premium channels .  That’s crazy. That is as much as a car payment!

Next the cable company sent us over to the account retention department.  They kept offering us deal after deal until amazingly, our bill could have been as low as $129.00 per month.  Well, why didn’t they offer us this great deal to begin with?  It took  a while, but we kindly but firmly told them no, after almost 20 years of cable bills, we were saying goodbye to cable tv for good.

#3  The third thing to do before cutting the cord to cable: Get an internet provider

The third thing you need to know before cutting the cord to cable is that you probably still need the internet. I say probably because you could just get an indoor antenna and get around 50 channels for free.  Check out our post about the best indoor antennas to buy.

The next step was to get internet. we called the same company back, got internet on a new account, and now pay $39.99 per month (plus $11.00 for Netflix).  Wow, BIG savings compared to the $220.00 we were paying.  We are saving $180.00 per month–EVERY month!  Whoo Whoo!  That will equal $2,160 this year alone. Is it worth it?  You BET it is!  And it will be even easier to do, now that you know the 3 things to do before cutting the cord to cable!

Bonus hacks!

Cut the cord, save money!  We were so excited at how much money we were saving by cutting the cord to cable (over $2,000 a year!) we started looking for other ways to get more programs, without paying more money.  Here are the three best ways we found to save even more money.

Cord Cutting Bonus Hack #1

The first way was to take advantage of all of the free trials that are constantly being offered.  If we heard a lot about Game of Thrones on HBO, we could go to the HBO channel and usually find a free trial, sometimes up to 30 days.  More than enough time to catch on the world of Westeros!

Cord Cutting Bonus Hack #2

The second way we found to get more programming for free we kind of stumbled across.  One of our daughters has a Spotify account.  Spotify is a music streaming app.  She casually told us one day that she gets Hulu free with her Spotify account.  What?  How cool is that?  And she can legally access it from up to five devices.  So, we now have Hulu legally, for free.  Sweet! Keep your eyes open to totally legal, fun ways to get access to more content!

Bonus hack #3

The last way we found to get more programming and continue to save money was to buy a channel for a month or two, then cancel.  We love college football, so during football season, we purchased Sling TV for $25.00 a month.  We got college football and many, many other programs.  When football season was over, we simply canceled. Cancelling is very easy to do, there is no penalty and you only pay for the channels you want, when you want to see them!

Keep your eyes open when you cut the cord.  There are many more ways to save even more money when you cut the cord to cable!