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Hi there!  We’re John & Jerry.  Two life-long friends who like to share ideas about how to save money.  So John had this domain “” for years. In fact, was once the number one sales portal for Talk America phone service.  A few years ago, John let the site go and tried to sell the domain name but it didn’t sell.  So recently, we decided to bring it back to life as a blog about one of our favorite topics – CUTTING THE CORD TO CABLE TV! In full disclosure, we hope to make some money to support our endeavor, so product reviews may have affiliate links and you may even see a few ads here and there. Heck, if you just wanna give us money, we have no problem with that either!

So that’s the story and here we are, no longer selling Talk America Phone Service, but instead offering up our favorite ways to save money by cutting the cord to cable TV.  Want to suggest a topic? Use the form below to suggest a topic and go talk America!

Our Latest Posts

A Brief History of Cable Television

Cable television first appeared in 1948, when innovators of the time created the first cable service to deliver broadcast television to communities in Oregon, Pennsylvania and Arkansas.  Since then, the technology has gone through some immense changes.  In fact, just...

Kodi HDHomerun Combo

Hello there Curious Consumer..let's discuss Kodi HDHomerun Combo!  John and Jerry here with another great idea for you to SAVE MONEY and get ALL THE TV YOU WANT!  Sorry for shouting, that just seemed appropriate because we’re SO EXCITED! We cut the cord to cable! We...

Amazon Firestick

Amazon Firestick in simple terms Didn’t television used to be free? Now we pay more for our cable bill each month than our car payment, and the payment plan will never end! We assume you’re reading this article because you are fed up with the high price of cable...

The best HD TV antenna!

How does the antenna work? You cut the cable, you're saving money. Great!  But I want to get the local news!  The easiest and cheapest way to get lots of local programming, absolutely free, is to invest in an antenna.  We think that the best indoor antenna to buy is...

Mohu Leaf 30 vs 50: Choosing the Best Antenna

Mohu Leaf 30 vs 50 If you are looking for the best HD TV antenna to maximize value and performance, we think the two best out there are the Mohu Leaf 30 and the Mohu Leaf 50.  If you are looking for an indoor antenna, you have probably cut the cord to cable tv.  The...

Dollar Shave Club Reviews and More

Ever notice how when you walk down the isle for razors at the corner drug store, it feels like you're entering a rough neighborhood.  Bars on the windows and doors, extra security cams, the whole works.  Well that's because razors are dang expensive!  Recently we've...

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